International Freight & Forwarding


Our Services:  
bullet.png International Sea & Air Forwarding bullet.png Cargo & Marince Insurance
bullet.png License Custom Clearance Broker bullet.png Cargo Fumigation
bullet.png Warehouse Facilities & Domestic Distribution bullet.png Crating and Packing
bullet.png Sales & Purchase of used containers bullet.png CPC Survey Application
bullet.png Door to Door (Packing & Removal) bullet.png E-Permit & Documentation
bullet.png Haulage, Road & Rail Transportation services bullet.png Project Management



SOON SHIPPING has established its own niche in the Freight Forwarding and Shipping Industry since 24 Aug 1998. We are situated 5 km away from North Port and 15 Km from the West Port, Port Klang. We provide logistic solution tailored made to individual needs. We aim to provide higher quality freight and forwarding services to our clients, being proactive and continuous improving on our competency and efficiency to meet the ever changing market demands.

We take care of your delivery while you could confidently set your priority focusing to develop your core business. Our Freight Forwarding teams consist of highly, experience, skilled and professionalism has earned a reputation among clients and global partners for its Excellent Quality Service & Dependability. We pride ourselves on providing a flexible and innovative approach to achieving solutions for our customers, helping them in turn to meet the increasing demands of their customers.